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The applicable regulations are included in the annex constructive western restaurant conditions that must comply with the premises. For example: the design and construction characteristics of workplaces should provide safety against slips, falls, shocks or blows to objects. Work areas or places where there is a risk of fall, electrical contacts, exposure to aggressive elements etc. Must be clearly marked and identified. As regards structural safety: they must have the structure and strength appropriate to their type of use for the intended conditions of use. All structural or service restaurants elements, such as stairs, must be of sufficient strength to withstand loads and stresses. The services, as mentioned above, should be understood as a journey or as a series of critical meetings that take indian restaurant place from time to time.

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This is the key to integrating the organization of a service around see this the user, as well as a combination of distributed organizational resources designed to create experience. This method facilitates the creation of a rich image of how the experiences of a service function in the everyday life of a person. The goal is not only to understand and optimize a business process, but to identify the best empirical journey the user can have through the service. This determination is not only about identifying the problems or the problematic elements of a service, but also about the improvements that could be made to it. Service journeys are often characterized as a series of choices, which in many cases can have an impact on the change of a person's life. Proper designing requires initially to predict and plan for potential errors that users may make due to incomplete or insufficient information design, and then to restaurants near me reduce the negative consequences of any errors that may arise. Service users should be able to opt out of their choices or be able to choose them again without having to be penalized.

Another option concerns the right planning of customer travel in right choices such a way that the customer does not feel uncertain about how to use the service. In addition, he is given the opportunity to simulate his choices through scenario implementation or experiment with the choices given to him. These simulations help increase the likelihood of the user making the right choices or, respectively, of reducing the probability of mistakes. People have three basic needs to ensure their survival. These are food, housing and clothing. Society fulfills these needs, developing economically, turning them into desires, since they depend on the richness and availability of natural resources. But the greed of man, and his need for more things, make these desires grow unlimited. Needs and desires can be translated into goods and services. Goods are tangible items such as appliances, clothing, while services are non-tangible or intangible goods such as banks, education, insurance. More specifically a service can be an action, that is, an act, a performance or restaurants near me an effort. This means that a service provider not only offers a product but also interactive processes. By increasing wealth in societies, demand for services is rising. A service is not physical, and one can not touch it. No one can see it before the purchase or take it with him afterwards.

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However, its value can be seen through tangible events or representations. For example, its effects can be distinguished, as in the case of a trip Moritz S.. The lack of tacitness makes it difficult for the provider to describe the service he offers and does not allow the customer to verify the good information he may have. Since the customer can not perceive a service through his five senses, if he does not consume it first, he seeks quality marks that he finds through the reputation of the service, word-of-mouth, easy access to or communication with it. Staff and facilities make this impression apparent through the production and promotion of services.These attributes are more important to service companies than materials and should be provided in excellent quality from the very first customer's contact with them, otherwise the latter is disappointed.